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Hello amigos, These are the days people are very crazy about Texting, So people are communicate online via character-based text. Texting involves not only letters, numbers and punctuation marks anymore. Have a look around on any social network or text messages to see how many cool smiley faces, animals, fashion, hearts and more texmojiyou can spot. TextMoji is your choice to get extraordinary Texas, love of Tex-Mess. With TexMoji we can put tex in the texting, gives you access to plain text and emoticons, Send & Receive TexMoji directly inside your iMessage app and your big & beautiful TexMoji will be visible to any user as an image.

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Why TexMoji: Texans have been asking for their own emojis for the past few years, so TexMoji finally pulled up by their bootstraps and made it happen. Here are some thoughts they had while developing the app.

Why isn’t there a Texas flag emoji? We’re practically our own country.

Queso is life. Therefore, I need aqueso emoji in life.

Whataburger emojis are a Texas thing, y’ll wouldn’t understand.

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How TexMoji works: It uses high-quality and high resolution emoticons that have been rendered to fit as iMessage bubble to show your Texas pride while you text!

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Download TexMoji for iPad/iPhone – iOS 7 & iOS 8

Download TexMoji App Now


It can compatible to both iOS 7 & iOS 8
TexMoji have Over 120 original Texas themed emoticons
In-keyboard function, making it easier to communicate with TexMojis
High resolution designs

Conclusion: Officially TexMoji app is only on iOS devices right now, but the developer has announced an Android version is on its way. Hope you got TexMoji for your device.

For more updates on TexMoji, follow our Facebook page: TexMoji- The App

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