TalkBox: Voice mail/Voice texting using TalkBOX

Hey wassup folks! Am here to introduce you to new popular mobile application “TalkBox”. Are you searching for application that could send voice messages to your friends easily, with clear voice, and without cost of any chargers? You are at the right place am gonna share the features of “TalkBox” application which will separate this from mediocre applications. Now millions of users around the world are using it and exchanging voice messages free-of-charge with their friends. Voice will be carefully curated and delivered by TalkBox voice bubbles of maximum 1 minute in length.


Features of “TalkBox” in iPhone:

  • Delete Single Messages
    • On pressing the empty part of the app we can get check boxes for each message so we can delete selected messages for the conversation which will provide more user friendly.
  • Cancel Sending
    • If you don’t want to send the voice clip you can cancel it.
  • iPod Auto-Resume
    • If you are listening to music and you got a message from your friend then you can listen to it without pausing the music player, the apps will automatically switch.
  • Magic Swipe
    • You jump from one conversation to another by simply swiping left or right.
  • Reconnect Shortcut
    • By taping “disconnect” on status bar to we can reconnect to TalkBox.
  • Go-to-message Shortcut
    • The new messages will appear in the top right corner of the application which will help you as a shortcut to save time
  • Play Voice from the Earpiece
    • If we want to play the message through Earpiece then we can do by placing the phone next to our ear to play voice from the earpiece instead of the loud speaker.
  • Message Playback Shortcut
    • By Taping on message alerts directly on the “recents” page to listen to all unheard messages back to back in one go.
  • Fast Forward Playback
    • This application has Controller to play fast or forward.

Features of “TalkBox” in Android:

Unfortunately this application provides limited features as compared to iPhone. But it still provide all basic features that are required for voice message transferring.

  • Delete Single Messages
  • Cancel Sending
  • Reconnect Shortcut
  • Play Voice from the Earpiece
  • Message Playback Shortcut

Those features which will be on iPhone are for easy controlling of an application but these features are enough for good conversation so not a big deal.


TalkBox has features like Push-to-talk (PTT) INSTANT Walkie Talkie, voice messaging, text messaging and we can sahre photos and location with our friends. It is cross platform messenger and works over WIFI, 3G and any other data network.It has best feature that group chats are available.It is simple and Easy to use.We can post our voice social networking sites.TalkBox is Winner of InnoApps of the Year 2011.


By reading the features of “TalkBox” we can judge that this is the one application that every mobile should have. Hope this article helped you, enjoy with this famous and easy application.

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