Dubsmash APK Download Free, Install Dubsmash on incompatible device

Dubsmash is lip syncing app that enables users to take videos either of themselves or others miming to pre-recorded sounds. It’s premise is very easy. Pick your favorite audio clip. It could be a movie dialogue, song, own audio clips or anything from Dubsmash’s library. Then record a video of yourself and give lip movement to your selected sound clip. Finally your own Dubsmash video ready to share. Share the recorded Dub with your friends via WhatsApp, Facebook, Message and more. I had already share my own Dubsmash videos to tons of people via Youtube and WhatsApp. It is available for both iOS and Android. I had already share an article on how to download Dubsmash for iPhone and iPad. It totally covers for iOS users. Now, here I’m gonna explain you about Android version called Dubsmash APK.

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Download Dubsmash APK

If your are using latest version of android OS. You can officially download dubsmash from Google Play Store. There is no difficult to get this but quit simple and easy to get android user. Simply use below link to download Dubsmash APK.

Download Now

Are you struggling to get dubsmash on android device? Is that shows ” your device is not compatible with this version” ? Don’t worry about it. I’m gonna show you how we can install Dubsmash on any android device. It’s pretty easy but you have to know the versions that compatible to your device. Because Play Store has only updated versions only so we can’t install it for lower version of devices. But we can install it for any android device that absolutely work. It’s some tricky. Want to see how? Simply follow the procedure that given below.

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Why Dubsmash app Incompatible?

Android developers can restrict their apps for certain devices and minimum version of Android. Dubsmash app also restrict for minimum version of Android. You can’t download it from the Google Play Store. It shows as “not compatible with your device”.

However, there are ultimate ways for these restricts, allowing you to install apps that marked as “Not compatible”. Note that these tricks are all unsupported by Google. These tricks require fooling Google Play, and many require root. Some of these tricks may not work properly, as Google doesn’t want us doing these things.

How to install Dubsmash on “Incompatible” device:

1. Before going to install Dubsmash, Device should be enabled to install ‘Unknown Sources’.

dubsmash not compatible-dubsmash not working

2.  Then download Dubsmash APK Beta version from the below link. Use any web browser to download dubsmash.

Dubsmash APK Beta

3. It may take few minutes to download based on your internet speed.

dubsmash not compatible-dubsmash not working

4. Click on dubsmash apk. [Go to SD card-> dubsmash-beta.apk or Use File Explorer ]. Then Click on “Install”.

dubsmash not compatible-dubsmash not working

5.  Dubsmash application installed successfully. Click on “OPEN”.

dubsmash not compatible-dubsmash not working 6.  Then open Dubsmash app, then start lip-syncing for your favorite video and share it your friends on social media. That’s it.

How to make videos on Dubsmash: If you are new to Dubsmash application then use below link to know “How to make videos on Dubsmash?”

Dubsmash videos

How to Use Dubsmash: Click the link below to know more about Dubsmash for beginners.

Dubsmash for Beginners

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